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8 Most Affordable Watches in 2015

People usually have a perception that in order to obtain a quality wrist watch, you must be prepared to pay for quality. In most cases this is true, however, it is still possible to find quality watches at reasonable prices. The brands I’m listing in this post are in my opinion great examples of affordable, yet high quality wrist watches.


Although Casio makes a wide variety of goods like cameras, clocks and calculators, they still continue to be among the best watch brands when it comes to inexpensive watches for everyday wear. Casio offers digital and analogue technologies, and strong, durable design.

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Curren is a relatively new brand, whose watches range from classic and elegant timepieces, to sporty and colorful watches perfect for young people. Curren is making watches that are going to suit almost everyone, without having to spend too much money on in.

Curren watches styles range from colorful and sporty to classic, making different type of watches that are going to suit almost everyone. When you buy a Curren watch, you can get a good watch, without having to spend too much money on it.

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Invicta is a US based company, although it has it’s roots in Switzerland. Invicta’s timepieces, with their classic design and modern feel, really cater to the most diverse tastes. They are especially known for their line of divers watches.

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Timex’s watches cost very little, yet offer new, bold designs. Some new lines are more expensive, but still continue to develop their low-cost, traditional watches.

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Timex leather strap watch

The first watch this company ever made was named “Citizen” out of their hopes to create a wrist watch that would be appealing to ordinary citizens all over the world. This Japanese manufacturer still produces watches with that same intention, while consistently offering revolutionary technologies.

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Tissot mass produces wrist watches best known for their countless features like barometer, thermometer, altimeter and compass.Traditional, almost classic, design still dominates most of Tissot’s watches, with some more modern touches and various different colors.

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Michael Kors watches are affordable, yet bear award-winning designs. This luxury lifestyle company incorporated it’s attitude of sporty elegance and style in their timepieces, keeping the prices affordable as possible.

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Distinctive style, bold colors and unique designs feature all Nautica’s watches. Colorful and sporty appearance of these fashion watches makes them perfect for night out on the town, but little less suited for boardroom meetings.

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There area a lot more great watches available at reasonable prices that these 8 brands that I mention in this post. Depending on your budget, personal preference and style, you will have to narrow down your options between dozens of manufacturers. Regardless of you personal preference, all these watch brands offer great quality and their timepieces are going to last for many years to come.