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Daniel Wellington Watches: Classic Glasgow Review

daniel wellington classic glasgow
daniel wellington classic glasgow

I just recently discovered Daniel Wellington watches, and it was love at first site! I find it very neat how DW watches take a nice classic design, make it a little bit more sporty, more sharp and so much more exciting! It seems to me that folks at Daniel Wellington really put a lot of effort in making their watches as good as they can be.

I love the super sleek and slim watch case, really clear and eye-catching dial, beautiful lugs and case-back, and those playful straps!! Those little details make the unique style of DW watches, and made me fall in love with them immediately. The style of hands, curves on the case-back, and NATO design straps…set them apart from other watch brands. Awesome brand, in my opinion!

After doing some research and much more admiring the beautiful designs, I decided to buy my very first Daniel Wellington! I decided that my first one is going to be Classic Glasgow which is basically the same watch as Classic York, but comes with nylon strap. They are both beautiful watches, but to me, the nylon strap on Classic Glasgow set it apart from other watches much more that the leather strap on Classic York. If you want to see the difference between the look of DW watches with leather and nylon straps, I suggest you go to Watchief website, they have a huge selection of Daniel Wellington watches, both with leather and nylon straps. That’s where I got mine.

In any case, the straps are interchangeable, so if you ever decide you want a different look for you watch, all you have to do is order another strap and change it! And it’s so easy, you can do it yourself!

Watch Specifications:
Let’s start with watch specifications:
· Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
· Case Diameter (mm): 40.0
· Case Length (mm): 44.0
· Case Thickness (mm): 6.0
· Crystal Material: Mineral
· Dial Color: Eggshell White
· Push-pull Crown
· Strap Material: Nylon strap
· Lug Width (mm): 20.0
· Movement: Citizen Miyota 1L22, 0 Jewel, Quartz
· Signed Clasp
· Water Resistance: 3 Bar/30 Meters
· 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty


DW watch comes i a beautiful leather box
DW watch comes i a beautiful leather box

I love the simplicity and elegance of Daniel Wellington watches, and the packaging are made in the same way! DW watches come in two-tone leather box, with Daniel logo on the cover and a slender profile. Most of the box is dark brown leather, and only the top is covered with a band of light cream leather with the name and logo. The watch in the box is secured with nice elastic cord, so it sits safely on padded surface.

Here’s another picture of this beautiful packaging:

Daniel Wellington box
Daniel Wellington box

Design and Casing

DW Classic Glasgow with nylon strap
DW Classic Glasgow with nylon strap

The first thing you have to notice about DW watches is how thin they are! The dial and casing are “Bauhaus Inspired”, utilizing minimalist features and elements that give the watch elegant and “ultra-thin” design. Watch can be used as simple daily wear, but it’s enough elegant to be considered dress watch, if occasion requires it.
Casing is stainless steel, and polish surfaces throughout the entire case. Edges, corners, and polishing are well made.

Now, the case diameter is only 40 mm, but the watch seems larger, maybe due to rather large dial opening. When I put it on my wrist, it appeared much larger that I would have guessed. But, it has a very nice wrist presence, so this is not a minus.

The Classic Glasgow features a drilled lug design
The Classic Glasgow features a drilled lug design

Like I mentioned before, Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow has “drilled” lug design, which enables easy and quick strap changes without much fussing about.

Final Thoughts
I feel that Classic Glasgow is a pretty cool watch, and I’m happy with my purchase! I’m a sucker for casual look that comes from nylon strap, and very pleased with finishing of the watch. The $229 price tag seams reasonable, considering clean layout, elegant lines, great look and the quality of manufacturing.

After having the watch for only a couple of weeks, I find it difficult to come up with any shortcomings for now. Design as well as execution seem to be perfect. If I continue to be this satisfied with this watch, I’m sure this isn’t’ the last Daniel Wellington watch I’ll buy!

If you would to like learn more about Daniel Wellington brand, the story behind it, and other news, I suggest you visit official Daniel Wellington website.


8 Most Affordable Watches in 2015

People usually have a perception that in order to obtain a quality wrist watch, you must be prepared to pay for quality. In most cases this is true, however, it is still possible to find quality watches at reasonable prices. The brands I’m listing in this post are in my opinion great examples of affordable, yet high quality wrist watches.


Although Casio makes a wide variety of goods like cameras, clocks and calculators, they still continue to be among the best watch brands when it comes to inexpensive watches for everyday wear. Casio offers digital and analogue technologies, and strong, durable design.

Buy Casio Watches:


Curren is a relatively new brand, whose watches range from classic and elegant timepieces, to sporty and colorful watches perfect for young people. Curren is making watches that are going to suit almost everyone, without having to spend too much money on in.

Curren watches styles range from colorful and sporty to classic, making different type of watches that are going to suit almost everyone. When you buy a Curren watch, you can get a good watch, without having to spend too much money on it.

Buy Curren Watches:

Invicta is a US based company, although it has it’s roots in Switzerland. Invicta’s timepieces, with their classic design and modern feel, really cater to the most diverse tastes. They are especially known for their line of divers watches.

For Invicta Watches:

Timex’s watches cost very little, yet offer new, bold designs. Some new lines are more expensive, but still continue to develop their low-cost, traditional watches.

Official Timex website:

Timex leather strap watch

The first watch this company ever made was named “Citizen” out of their hopes to create a wrist watch that would be appealing to ordinary citizens all over the world. This Japanese manufacturer still produces watches with that same intention, while consistently offering revolutionary technologies.

If you’re interested in Citizen watches:

Tissot mass produces wrist watches best known for their countless features like barometer, thermometer, altimeter and compass.Traditional, almost classic, design still dominates most of Tissot’s watches, with some more modern touches and various different colors.

For Tissot watches:

Michael Kors watches are affordable, yet bear award-winning designs. This luxury lifestyle company incorporated it’s attitude of sporty elegance and style in their timepieces, keeping the prices affordable as possible.

You can buy Michale Kors watches everywhere:

Distinctive style, bold colors and unique designs feature all Nautica’s watches. Colorful and sporty appearance of these fashion watches makes them perfect for night out on the town, but little less suited for boardroom meetings.

Buy Nautica watch:


There area a lot more great watches available at reasonable prices that these 8 brands that I mention in this post. Depending on your budget, personal preference and style, you will have to narrow down your options between dozens of manufacturers. Regardless of you personal preference, all these watch brands offer great quality and their timepieces are going to last for many years to come.

Watches For Him

Elegant and timeless wristwatches
Elegant and timeless wristwatches

Wrist watches have been popular and much demanded since the time when the first pocket watches were first introduced. Substantial progress in materials and movements allowed watchmakers to create fashionable, multidimensional and elegant timepieces. Now you can buy multi-functional high-quality original watch for a very reasonable price.

A well-made watch is not only a fashionable accessory; it incorporates style, status and functions, being much more than a simple time-telling device. Today’s watch market offers watches for men, women and unisex watches ranging from must-haves to more cutting-edge timepieces come in bevy of styles to fit any lifestyle, outfit and occasion. Modern trends tend to change quire rapidly, and thus the assortment of watches on the market is frequently changed. Watch manufacturers regularly update range of their best watches with new lines, styles and models to meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

Any watch lover will be pleasantly surprised by the wide choice of unrivaled watches featuring such prominent names as Breitling, Panerai, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Harry Winston, IWC, Blancpain, Alain Silberstain, and many others. You are sure to come across that special model created to enrich your life with more precision, quality, pleasure and adventure.

Your high-grade watch won’t only last you for a long time, you’ll actually want to it to be your wrist companion for years. Some watches can serve well for your everyday outfit, while others will be just perfect for a business meeting or a night out, thus allowing your fake watches to fit your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Take a chance of purchasing a stylish and functional brand watch at a discount price! Timepieces on sale bear the names of most prestigious brands in the horology field, with Breitling, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Chopard among many others.

The manufacturer’s websites feature actual pictures of the original timepieces. Every brand name watch site is well-supplied by extensive information about the universally renowned watch manufacturers that is of great assistance for anybody who is puzzled by the question what brand and model to choose.

The exceptional quality of original timepieces is based upon such significant elements as Swiss made cases, water-resistance, automatic movements, top quality Japanese quartz.Beware of fake and counterfeit watches, as sometimes the difference between original watch and a counterfeit one can be spotted only by experienced watch experts or jewelers and this task turns out to be quite difficult and almost impossible for a non-professional. When buying a preowned or even brand new watch,the big problem today is is that watch buyers in general are NOT experts in identifying fake watches. Eve bigger problem are so-called “Frankenwatches”. If you want to learn more about how to identify a Frankenwatch, read Are You Buying Authentic Watches?

More affordable wrist watch for men
More affordable wrist watch

Most wrist watches presented here are available at the most competitive prices on the Net as they are bought straight from the importer, therefore excluding the services of the middle man, which makes them more affordable.

If up-scale brands are too expensive for you, you will enjoy the fact that today it’s possible to purchase a quality wrist watch without having to break the bank. Great watches at reasonable prices are available from brands like Casio, Invicta, Timex, Citizen, Curren, Tissot, Michael Kors and manny others.You will enjoy discovering the whole treasury of affordable watches that are absolutely different and rare. These exclusive watches contain those nice peculiarities and horological complications that are worshiped by watch lovers and collectors all over the world.

All watch manufacturers provide some sort of Satisfaction Guarantee offered for all  timepieces. If for any reason at all you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will be able to return it within 30 days for an exchange or your money. You will find all the details at the policy page pf every respective manufacturer’s website.

Before the shipping out, the watches from reputable manufacturers are subjected to the thorough examination to avoid any flaw or scratch and guarantee the excellent performance.